New redirect theme released called Yes or No


For years we have been wanting to focus some time on new redirect themes, ever since we released the first one. Last week a friend of mine really wanted it, so I made it a priority for him. Took a week, but it’s ready. Experience higher conversion rates on your sales pages using this as…

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3 New PopUp Domination Themes For Increased Conversions


Hello everyone, It’s been quite some time since we have released new themes for free. Fortunately for you guys, 3 new themes are being released today! And…. if you help me out, I will give you 3 more for free. I teamed up with my friend Tim Soulo to create these themes. We is a…

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5 Awesome New Features from PopUp Domination

popup update

… and best of all, they’re free! We’ve been working hard at PopUp Domination to release new features that so that we can get better conversions, which we can share with you. These five new features are the first of a number of improvements we will be making to PopUp Domination. If you have any…

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7 Tips For Increasing PopUp Domination Conversions


Are you using PopUp Domination to its full potential? PopUp Domination is an incredibly powerful tool, and there’s quite a few things you can do to get the most out of it. We’ve listed the seven things we do to maximise our conversions below, and each one of them are worth paying attention to if…

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PopUp Domination Download Now Available!

We’ve just released PopUp Domination version for WordPress into your download links and the WordPress updater system. This edition has a couple of cool additions we’re sure you’ll love. New Preview System! This one’s been a long time coming, our old preview system was, well, rubbish. If you had any CSS on your site…

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PopUp Domination out now!

We’ve released our latest version today which should be showing up in your plugin updaters throughout the day if it’s not already there. (Or you can grab it from your download link) While mostly a bug-fix point release we have added a couple of additional functional improvements. We’ve been taking your feedback on board and…

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PopUp Domination

Today marks the release of PopUp Domination in your download links. This is a mostly bug-fix release but we have released two features in particular that we think you’ll like. Optional mobile device support for popup campaigns! Yes, finally our popups can be shown to mobile devices as an option within their display settings.…

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PopUp Domination for WordPress Released!

PopUpDomination on iPhone!

We’ve got a new release of PopUp Domination out today featuring some awesome features, many in response to suggestions from you, our users. It’s already in your download links so go get it! So what’s new? Introducing IN-POST themes! We’ve added the ability to add a styled form to the end of your posts or…

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PD Analytics Fix


Today we released an update for PopUp Domination to fix some of the the little bugs that have been affecting our users. Some of our users have been unhappy that their Analytics were not working correctly and therefore, could not accurately tell what was working for them and what wasn’t. Well today we hope to…

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PD Update

So here is an update on our progress here at PopUp Domination. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at what we have been doing right and what we haven’t been doing so well. As our loyal customers, we want to reward you with the best product we can offer. So many people…

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