Here’s the 3 tips I promised you:

1. Split test your design (100% increase)

More money is made from split testing than anything else, you absolutely must be doing it.

Test everything…

  • Copy
  • Colours
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Designs / Layouts

And this doesn’t just apply to popups. Everybody should be split testing everything in their business. Blogs, sales pages, squeeze pages, adverts, opt-in boxes etc.

Check out this screenshot from inside PopUp Domination, of a split test between our old popup and new popup:


Our new theme is getting us twice the amount of opt-ins! You must try our full screen popups, they convert like crazy!

PopUp Domination is the ideal split testing tool when it comes to popups.

2. Make sure it’s mobile responsive (30% increase)

That’s right, 30% of our email subscribers come from mobile. We get over 10,000 email subscribers every month, if PopUp Domination wasn’t mobile optimised, we could be saying goodbye to 3000 email subscribers on a monthly basis.

Most popup solutions don’t offer this, even if they say they do.

More often than not, when I visit a website, their popups do not displaying properly! Sometimes I can’t even use their website. Do I buy something when I can’t use their site?

That’s why, when we were rebuilding PopUp Domination, we made it a priority to have the most advanced mobile optimisation possible.

Here’s a screenshot from inside PopUp Domination of the devices used to view our popups:


Don’t neglect mobile! How much is 30% of your income worth?

3. Test your offer! (200%+++)

Why are they subscribing?

Do they want what you have to offer?

You will see a huge difference in conversions between simply… “subscribe for my mailing list” and “subscribe to my mailing list and receive my 9 top tips for the most productive morning ever”.

Don’t just ask people to subscribe, give them something:

  • eBooks
  • eCourse’s (autoresponder series)
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interviews
  • Discounts

And so on…

Never settle for where you are right now. Always be looking to increase your sales and conversions. There is always something you can be doing. Popup Domination allows you to test and implement in a few clicks!

We explain everything (and show you previews of our high converting designs) on our website.


See you on the next page…

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