Internet Marketing Info Graphic Reveals How Neil Patel Runs His Online Business!


Check out this brand new infographic detailing everything behind the scenes of Neil Patel’s online businesses. Browse through and see what juicy details you can learn and apply to your own business, then comment below with any stats that you love from the infographic.

Next, check out the brand new Web Domination coaching manual, where I convinced 20 of the Top Marketers in the world to give away their best secrets. Click here now.

Check out the brand new Web Domination coaching manual, where I convinced 20 of the Top Marketers in the world to give away their best secrets. Click here now.

  • David Martin

    my online business would be best served by easy to integrate strategies to get more search engine visibility for chosen keywords, and for social media viral capabilities through the forging of affiliate partnerships.

  • Björgvin Benediktsson

    I’m looking to make a recurring membership product because the monthly payments is very enticing to me. I have a few ebooks, a free ecourse and focus mostly on e-mail marketing for revenue(which is working pretty well) but one must always advance and push the envelope am I right? That’s why I think a membership/never ending ecourse could be very beneficial.

  • David Gadarian

    Thanks Michael.  I think the single best thing I could use right now is a testing that integrates easily with WordPress (a plugin…).  Congratulations on working with Neil – I’ve been following him for a few years now and he’s pretty impressive.    

  • Mark Washburn

    The bottom line…connecting with more customers, more consistently, and a more affordable fashion.  PPC is costing more and more money, and seo is kind of tough right now with all the Google changes.  It would be great to by-pass all of that and acquire customers a bit more easily.

  • Brett Banford

    What would help my online business the most right now is grabbing my prospects attention and giving them something they absolutely have to opt-in for.  Having the tools to provide that for them as well would greatly benefit my business as well. This is why I love pop up domination so much too :)

  • ianbrodie

    A tool to make fantatic infographics like this one would be very handy for me right now 😉


    • Susie Romans

      Just use photoshop elements its only $99 :)

  • Radu Tyrsina

    They say traffic’s not the key, but when you don’t have it, it is. Give me traffic and I’ll figure it out later

  • Ivette Muller

    Creating a membership program for recurring income is at the top of my list! The challenge is creating the content in a timely manner to get it started.

  • Hansel Praise

    a laptop

  • Seth Waite

    An info graphics tool to save me $400 per info graphic would be an amazing tool I would be sure to buy.

  • egSebastian

    JV Partners or an affiliate manager, to help me promote my membership sites would definitely help my online business tremendously :)

  • Joseph

     Content + traffic = ROI – Need more traffic

  • Ivan

    a step by step guide how to get target traffic to my on-line project in short time
    So that I sit, master these steps and get lots and lots of targeted visitors

  • Josh

    $80,000 per month in hosting? is that right? Seems kinda (a lot) high.


      I agree Josh. Seems high but I don’t have 100,000’s of visitors each month. 

    • Michael Dunlop

       His products are hosted on his server, a lot of customers = a lot of server space.

  • Ross Cohen

    The ability to scale; grow; acquire leads; turn those leads into sales, all in an orderly, slow-but-steady, manageable & not-mind-numbing way. Michael & James, make it happen’! :)

  • Matt Langan

    I’ll echo Ivan…would love a step-by-step guide to SEO for those of us who only have an hour or so per day to dedicate to it.


    targeted traffic to my site, yes, step by step guide that does not require cheesy or crazy complicated steps

  • Tim Woodbury

    My business could use help with conversion optimization.

  • Susie Romans


    I’m in a great spot, as I have had some blog content go viral. Now I need help turning all this traffic into customers who trust me as an expert and want to pay for my information products. A lot of consumers are still hesitant to spend money on independent blogs.
    I think bridging the gap of trust is a huge factor to earning online.



  • Fast Forward Adviser

    I have been in the internet marketing game for some time now. I’ve always had great ideas and a drive to find success with it. After spending untold amounts of money working with the wrong peole, I just want to finally get an offer to convert. It’s that simple. I’m not looking to make millions…I just want to see success come from all the effort I’ve put in. 

  • ericbryant

    I am certain that implementing the tools in the info graphic more effectively would blast my business through the ROOF! I would love to participate in the course. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free seat!

  • Yourmy

    I need answers to three questions to make a success of my business.

    1/ SEO strategy help

    2/ Advertising and traffic strategy

    3/ Good outsourcing contacts

    If anyone can give me some help I would appreciate it

  • Profit Lab

    I would agree with Seth, a tool that builds infographics and helps you to promote them would be amazing!

  • Brendon Held

    Well, from the information I took from the infographic above, I would say that producing great infographics that go viral seems to be an excellent source of traffic, and certainly a good way to grow your social media foot print and potentially your conversions. So if I could find a way to produce successful infographics like his, that would certainly help the growth of my websites and businesses.
    I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for us Michael… I hope I’m a “lucky commenter”… LOL

  • Paullean

    Wow, I knew Neil Patel was great but that statistic actually blew me away

  • Nick Vivion

    Converting traffic to sales is what we’re focused on!

  • Trim Up Slim Down

    I need help managing priorities! Too few resources, too many needs. I’m trying to hire someone but it’s slow going, so I need a band-aid for the meantime.

  • edomination

    Wow, nice infographic. I think that more traffic would help the most, as I am finding it is the hardest thing to get.

  • PhillipaKiripatea

    What would help my online business the most right now is more targeted traffic to my website. From there, the next step would be getting those visitors to sign up to my mailing list to get my free report on leveraging Facebook.
    I suppose a really good way to get that traffic to my website is to use awesome infographics.
    I’ve been looking for an infographics tool for a while now, so if that’s the new product, gimme please!

  • carbsmart

    Increasing subscribers to my mailing list.

  • GarryK

    The value proposition here jumps off the page, create software that provides valuable outcomes to your market and allows them to create an ROI that is both measurable and demonstrable and you can be very successful in any market. Again the basic principles of business that most people today forget, deliver on what you promise and most people today promise more than they deliver… Neil delivers more than he promises and this creates designed in value for his customers.  I personally would love the opportunity to expose our customers to KISSmetrics and Crazyegg and i will be checking back with out question

  • Gold Coast Spring Water

    My business needs to better outsource workflow.

  • Phil Hampton

    Here’s a good-looking infographic creator tool on sale from AppSumo if anyone’s interested –

  • Regina Floyd

    Honestly, there are several things that would help my business right now. #1 I could use more traffic to my site.  Even a fraction of 800 Million visitors per month would be awesome! #2 knowing how to get visitors by creating info graphics would be priceless especially since they work so well with Social Media Platforms, and #3. Converting traffic to actual customers and sales would be huge!  

    I am really looking forward to more information. 

    Good luck everyone!

  • George

    This is going to be awesome if it is a tool that helps us to not only create infographics but understand why and how they work so well. Because just randomly putting them together won’t cut it especially if the average is $400-$500 for a company they better be good LOL. Looking forward to see whats coming

  • JC

    Any  and all information is welcomed here. I would do almost anything to improve my business in order to be successful.  Learning is my side hobby and learning for my business is priority. I would love to have more inside information to further my business.  Keep me in Mind! Thanks. JC

  • dave kombucha lindenbaum

    gonna give it to you straight.  if your product is simply how to make info graphics.. it would prob hurt my business more than help it.  I am a small biz owner and find it hard to know where to put my time and efforts (seo, marketing, cpc, email, affiliates, social, etc).. what would help me the most is to get a better understanding on my ROI on my time/money.. actually THIS info graphic did help me,. damn! you got me!  :)

  • dave kombucha lindenbaum

    i love this!  great info and very enjoyable to read.. would love something like this for my site.. 

  • Antonio Rillera

    Awesome post look forward to seeing what you have in store

  • Kimberly

    I’m sure this is going to be an industry game changer, especially with and coming together!

    My online business would benefit the most from a tool that helps generates and converts targeted traffic to my website. I’d love to be able to collect data, transform it into something meaningful and engaging such (as the infographic above), and encourage some sort of opt-in for conversion. I’d love to also be able to offer this to my own clients – either as a developer option or affiliate program.

    I’m looking forward to July 3rd and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Cheers.

  • MasEDI

    i love infographic, and i think it is the best way to advertise our product
    but, unfortunately I don’t have any graphic design skill :(

  • NaturallyMariam

    What would help my online business right now is providing great content for my subscribers and incorporating social media to build traffic. 

  • Prasanth

    I like it !!! The colorful graphics and designs are Awesome.
    The Top tip about Recurring Income is Absolutely True..
    But I could see here in the info-graphics that 
    Email marketing has got less importance or 
    had used them in low percentage..May I know Why is it so..?
    Is there any particular reason of not using this email marketing in their businesses in large extent..?

    Thank you.

  • Derek

     Neil Patel is an extremely talented and special person.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading his free blog posts on Quick Sprout will know that virtually every post offers the value of a $47 ebook. Neil delivers so much value one can only gape in awe and astonishment at his insights and abilities.

  • Vikash

    I Liked it :) Well the most amazing figure here is the fact that he has worked with 26/100 Fortune 100 Companies. This shows the fact, how large companies are looking towards the online mediums!