New redirect theme released called Yes or No


For years we have been wanting to focus some time on new redirect themes, ever since we released the first one.

Last week a friend of mine really wanted it, so I made it a priority for him. Took a week, but it’s ready.

Experience higher conversion rates on your sales pages using this as an exit popup. Increase conversions further by using it on your main website to direct people to your sales pages.

Here’s the best news , you can have access to it for free!

Here’s what our old Yes / No theme looked like:


It really isn’t good enough for 2014.

But this one is…

Here is the NEW Yes or No PopUp Design:

If you want to see it LIVE in action, head over to our homepage and when you go to leave the browser, it will popup.

Click here to download new theme.

PopUp Domination 3.7.1 Release

We just released an update for PopUp Domination. Fixes include:

– Resolve issues for users with none standard Site URLs
– Removed PHP notice on some servers, ‘Notice: Undefined index: page’.
– Fixed issue related to style rewrites not working correctly with sites in a subfolder and a none write-able htaccess file.
– Properly escape all fields in campaign’s content fields. HTML code should now work in these fields, but not advised or supported.
– Fixed PHP notices from showing on some servers.

To download the latest version of PopUp Domination, click here.

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  • MaryJaksch

    This looks very interesting! I’m definitely going to try it out. One way to use it would be for downselling. Let’s say a prospective customer arrives at your website to buy a product, but they then decide to leave the sales page without buying anything. This popup could then alert the visitor to a less expensive product.

    So far I’ve always steered clear of exit popups because they seem a bit creepy. But I like this one; it’s bold and clear. I love the line: “Let me help you with that”.

    • PopUp Domination Team

      Super idea Mary! I will be trying something like that.

      As for the popup functions, all text is editable.

      Have a great weekend,


  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    This is a great new theme. Love the simplicity of it.

    Thanks for sharing it with us all!