PopUp Domination for WordPress Released!

PopUpDomination on iPhone!

We’ve got a new release of PopUp Domination out today featuring some awesome features, many in response to suggestions from you, our users. It’s already in your download links so go get it!

So what’s new?

Introducing IN-POST themes!

We’ve added the ability to add a styled form to the end of your posts or pages! Many customers love our product and swear by it’s results but just wish it wasn’t so “in your face” for their sites. These forms are also mobile friendly so you don’t need to lose those valuable mobile users!

PopUp Domination on iPhone!

Install themes from right within the PopUp Domination!

That’s right, you can now install any themes you’ve bought by just typing in your order number into a box in the theme installer menu! Along with this we also have a theme-less version of PopUp Domination available for those who find they can’t install the full plugin. This is a fully-functional version of PopUp Domination you can install then put your PopUp Domination order number into the theme installer and it’ll install the first theme that ships with PopUp Domination!

Reworked toggle switches!

At last! Never has there been a bigger support issue than these toggles. At first they said “Disable” and “Enable” but this was confusing for people, the red Disable gave people the idea that their campaign was OFF when it was ON so we changed it in response. The button said ON or OFF, depending on whether the campaign was ON or OFF. The red OFF button caused more confusion as people would “not push a button that says OFF if I wanted to turn something on”! So we scratched our heads a bit more and went with the iOS style on|off on the same switch and we’re sure you guys will find this much more pleasant to use!

PopUp Domination Campaign Toggle ON PopUp Domination Campaign Toggle OFF

Multiple Mailing Lists!

You asked and we delivered! This has actually been a feature since version 3.5 but we’ve never made any announcement about it! This is also the reason that the 3.5 series are not in your automatic updates within WordPress itself. If you are using a version of PopUp Domination pre version 3.5 you’ll need to re-save your mailing list and then actually attach that to the popups you want to use. There’s a walkthrough of setting up a campaign using this new method here which can be helpful for those used to the older interface.

So what are multiple mailing lists and how does it help? Well, put simply, you can create different campaigns, popup or in-post, where each can collect email addresses to a different list, so you can run different promotions etc and put people in the list most appropriate to them. This can even use different mailing list providers for different lists!

Email notifications!

You’ve long had the option to opt-in to email within PopUp Domination but now we’ve extended this to allow you to set an email address to be notified of any opt-ins REGARDLESS of mailing list. So you can still collect to your mailing list without having to manually add them if you had set it to opt-in to email. We’ve also responded to your suggestions and added a notification in the email as to which of the popups were used to sign up by the submitter.


New !FREE! Drupal Module!

If you are a customer who uses the standalone version of PopUp Domination in your Drupal site you’ve probably found it a pain that your popups need to show on *all* the pages that share your <head> section. Well, fret no more! We’ve written a small Drupal module that allows you to select the individual pages on your site to target with your popups, simply paste your PopUp Domination supplied code into the box in the module and select your pages to let it handle the pages to show the popups on! This is a first release so any Drupal users who want to give us feedback on this we’d appreciate it! We are always trying to make things better for our customers where we can! We’re providing this module at the best price of all, TOTALLY FREE!

As a bonus I’ve checked this module and you can actually use it to apply ANY javascript to certain pages just by pasting in the URL of the javascript file – not just PopUp Domination code so consider this a gift!


ABP Plugin!

AdBlock has been preventing sites from presenting their customers with their PopUp Domination offers for some time now, losing the customers and the site’s owners possible business leads and/or freebies. We’ve released a plugin that works alongside PopUp Domination (and will eventually be integrated with PopUp Domination) to help get around this, at least for the time-being! If you think you’re losing out to potential custom because of ABP then feel free to try this out too.


Lots of other tweaks and changes…

  • updated icons
  • new menu layout
  • fixed broken images
  • lots of bugs squashed
  • updated theme backup system
  • added ?pdref=1 override to prevent links with that appended from showing popups
  • analytics fixes and more…


Remember if you’re updating from pre 3.5 you’ll need to re-attach your mailing list (so copy it before upgrading) – 3.5 and up should update with no problems and save all your current settings while adding the newer features and fixes.

  • stevemyles

    Why is my plugin only updating in Wordpress to  And I downloaded it recently from your site.

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy

      Hi Steve,

      The most recent updates are not in the wordpress updater. If you downloaded recently from a genuine link you should be well above though.

      Please contact support@popupdomination.com with your order number and I’ll see if I can find out what’s going on here.

  • Jennifer Lyle

    This post doesn’t have a date attached to it. I’m writing on 2/1/13 and I sent 2 different emails to PUD support today in frustration over trying to get to 3.5 on my WP site. No response yet so I’ve decided to post here.

    My plugin (pre-3.5) was installed last July but not activated. I had scheduled myself to create my popup today. I discovered that there was a new version although that information wasn’t in my WP site the way that new plugin versions normally appear. So I went to the PUD website for information. Found instructions to add 3.5, which required that I first delete my existing plugin. I did so, but had no 3.5 to replace it with.

    Eventually I figured out that I needed to go back to my email files to find my original PUD signup information. I did that I finally reached the download page…. only to find 10 different products that I could download with no description or information about what the products were or how to know whether or not I should use them. And, if I’m to use more than one of those, there’s no information telling me what order I should use to install them …. or whether that doesn’t matter. 
    Your instructions about converting from earlier versions don’t apply to me because I never activated my earlier version, so I don’t need to worry about mailing lists.

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy

       Hi Jennifer,

      I got this in support didn’t I? I’ll be happy to go into more depth if required there.


      • salvatore

        i have popup domination and i don’t understand where i’ll download the versione
        In wordpress there isn’t update

  • Dario Olivera

    Esta mas que claro pero me gustaria que sea mas simple en la intalación del producto, y cargar los temas tendria que estar todo pre definido dentro del plugin sin necesidad de esperar que alguien te ayude a realizar dicha tarea Un gran saludo DarioOlivera

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=700240922 Tyler Duncan

    Where can I download the latest version for WordPress? I’m using 3.5.3. Thanks.

  • http://www.v-fit.us/ Chris Colotti

    Is it possible to get a bundle deal on the new Premium themes? There is more than one I may want but the $17/each starts to get pricey.

  • http://brandmanager.com.hr/ Jurica Dujmovi?

    Where do I download the most recent version? It doesn’t appear in my WordPress updates. I’m a paying customer. Do I need to log in somewhere to get it?