PopUp Domination Download Now Available!

We’ve just released PopUp Domination version for WordPress into your download links and the WordPress updater system. This edition has a couple of cool additions we’re sure you’ll love.

New Preview System!

This one’s been a long time coming, our old preview system was, well, rubbish. If you had any CSS on your site at all it didn’t really give you a true reflection of how your popup would look on your site. There were also a number of inconsistencies where your code wasn’t all being used in the preview system. Well we’ve gotten rid of that completely. The new system creates a generic “page” from your site’s template and uses the actual popup code that you’d see on your page. Much better!

Shortcode support!

That’s right! You asked and we listened. Your old in-post forms were set to always show at the end of the posts. While this option is still available we’ve also added shortcode support to PopUp Domination. Simply copy the shortcode for your in-post campaign and paste it anywhere you want the in-post form to appear. EVEN IN THE SIDEBAR!

PopUp Domination Test Site | Just another WordPress site

Yes that’s right, the old Sidebar Domination(opt-in domination) plugin is very limited in what it can do. Ditch it and use this instead, it’s the full functionality of PopUp Domination but in your sidebar!

Adjustable tabs!

You may have noticed our “tab” addition in a recent version of PopUp Domination. Well now you can adjust just how far down the side of your page the tab appears so it doesn’t conflict with other tabs you might have there. There’s also a new theme remover system to get rid of any templates you don’t want – handy if you want to make changes to a template and not have them over-ridden when you update. Remove the ‘broken’ template and upload your new one, when you update the plugin your changes will be kept!


We’ve also done some small fixes to the code and added some user-feedback on some API calls where the form doesn’t close due to user error (think wrong email address etc.) Currently supporting mailchimp and ConstantContact API responses with a generic “please check the form” for others. We plan to extend this list to include as many as possible. We’ve altered how mobile devices are detected as well as a number of bugs have been squashed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lars.steffensen.90 Lars Steffensen

    Is there a video tutorial available anywhere for this?

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy


      We do have some limited videos in our help site at http://popdom.desk.com however most of these are out of date and in need of re-doing.

  • http://sexgodproject.com/ Gregor Schmidinger

    How can I download this version? When I try to automatically install it in WordPress it says that something went wrong and neither the most recent nor the previous version works. :/

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy

      Hi Gregor,

      It sounds like your installation has created the popup-domination folder but hasn’t fully installed the product. If you delete the popup-domination folder from your plugins folder you should be able to re-upload the plugin.

  • http://www.isabrinaespinal.com/ Sabrina Espinal

    Hi, My client has an old version (from May 2013) on her website. How do I get the updated version for her? Does she have to buy it or can it just be downloaded (someone else installed it on her website). Thanks

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy

      Hi Sabrina,

      The latest version of PopUp Domination is always available in the downloads page. If someone else installed it for her it may be that she doesn’t have a licence number and should contact the developer who installed it for support. Developers get a special licence that allows them to install the product for customers but it does mean they need to then support that installation.
      Alternatively your client can purchase a personal licence of her own from http://popupdomination.com and all updates and downloads will be available to her personally.

  • http://www.v-fit.us/ Chris Colotti

    Is there a way to include or not include on custom post types?

    • http://www.popupdomination.com/ Billy

      Hi Chris,

      Support for custom post types is not yet released but it is in our development TODO list. At this time I’m afraid the short answer is “no”.

  • Lirone Glikman

    Hello – I payed for the plug in but it doesn’t work. From some reason It doesn’t get my order number.
    THE WORST THING IS THAT YOUR SUPPORT DOESN’T ANSWER! I want to hear from you shortly or I will get my money back. I would appreciate if you will fix the wrong impression you gave me so far. Thank you.

  • mandy

    Shortcodes are NOT working.

  • http://www.sobreadministracao.com/ Sobre Administração

    Where can I find the shortcodes to show the form in the sidebar?