Sidebar 2.0 Update

Today we have just updated the Sidebar Domination (also know as Opt-In Domination) widget to the 2.0 version today. We have been planning this update for a while due to customers reporting several errors with sections of the widget.

We haven’t changed much in the way the widget looks and operates, with all core functionality remaining as it is. However, we have updated the form code functionality to fix a major bug when handling form code that requires hidden fields to process the form. We have also update several other key features which have not been up to scratch and have effect the users overall experience with the widget.

We highly recommend customers to remove their previous version of the widget from their WordPress setup and re-download the widget. You can find the updated version of the widget from your downloads page, you may need to re-activate the pro version’s panels, but your order number from that purchase will unlock the affiliate panel without any problems.

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  • Guest

    I’m having issues with this on my wordpress site and aWeber. 

    • Scott

       You can get support for this by using the “Get Support” link at the top.