Stand-Alone v3.4.5

There was a bug within the A/B Testing functionality which was failing to update the analytics every time a user was converted. This affected the Stand-Alone version 3.4 and earlier. This error has now been corrected.

To correct this on your own site, you are required to re-install conversion.js. You can find this file under popup-domination/javascript/conversion.js. Simply replace this file with the attached file below using ftp.

Click Here to download the updated file.

If you experience any problems replacing the file, please contact the support desk. If you experience problems with using your ftp client then please contact your ftp client provider. You can find more advice from our help articles or using our community forum.

  • Dave Randolph

    Your link doesn’t work!

    • Scott

       Which link are you trying to use? They’re working for us.